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imagesOne of the best categories of games on an online casino would be the video slot machine categories. These are the games that provide high entertainment value while at the same time giving you really low bet sizes. You can stay in the game longer and you really have a chance to accumulate money with them. The issue we’ve found with a lot of video slot machine games is the following:

The games are too generic for us. While we do like some games that are going to be simple we want some creativity. Slot machine games are about more than just the gambling, it’s about genuine entertainment. There are different ways to do this and if a video slot machine is too generic it spoils things for us.

The video slots we play don’t seem to make the rules easy to understand. There are some people that can pick up the rules for a given slot machine easily while others struggle. We believe the rules of a game should be easy to understand. Players should get a good grasp of how a game works very fast, because the rules are laid out simply.

Some video slot machines pull you in with the promise of big payouts, but don’t really seem to payout all that much. We don’t expect to win big, but we do want consistent enough payouts where we know we’ll have some excitement during our session. Even if the wins are small it’s better than not getting any wins.

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Twin Spin by Net Entertainment is a video slot machine that deals with each of the above problems in different ways. When we played it were were genuinely surprised at how good it was. One of the reasons for this is because of who makes the game of course.

However, we feel another reason for this is the easy way in which the game is setup to be played. Here some of the basics about Twin Spin.

Twin Spin has 5 reels and there’s about 243 ways that you can win money from it. If you think there are a lot of other slot machines online like this, then think again. Having 243 ways to win makes it almost impossible to not get wins with any period of play, even if it’s just a few minutes.

The graphics for Twin Spin might not seem all that great at first, but all you have to do is compare them to other video slots out there. How many times have you seen graphics for other slots that were sloppy or if they weren’t sloppy they were overwhelming?

Twin Spin has graphics and animations that are very crisp and slick. You could say that they have a very Las Vegas feel to them. This is what we like.

Twin Spins isn’t boring as far as game play goes. Every spin starts with identical, adjacent twin reels joined together. During the process of each spin these twin reels might spread out in order to become triple, quadruple or even quintuple reels. This makes for so many more possibilities as far as wins go.

There isn’t any free spins feature with Twin Spins. Now we know this is going to be a let down for some, because for some players the game is all about the bonus spins. We saw it wasn’t a big deal.

The reason is because of the frequent wins. We also feel that winning larger amounts here is far more achievable than what it would be with other slots.

How does Twin Spin compare to other video slots?

We’re going to focus on the combinations of ways you can win. This is the main thing we feel sets this video slot apart. Yes the graphics are good and the animations are good, but having so many chances to win means that players never have to worry about losing too much of their bankroll. More possibilities equal more win, even with short periods of play.


Twin Spins is unique for sure. There are few other slot machines that can go where it goes and actually be popular amongst serious players. Twin Spins manages to defy this, and we can see ourselves coming back for more play again and again.

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