The Invisible Man Pokie

maxresdefaultWe all know that there are a countless number of online casinos you can play at if you’re like to gamble. What about the video slot machine games though? Can you expect to find a good slot game anywhere you go? Well here’s the thing we found. Good video pokie machine games are pretty abundant. What we focus on is finding a game that’s going to provide us with a good time and a good gamble. This is what we found with the Invisible Man. Here’s a game that has one of the better themes around.

It’s based on a classic horror film “The Invisible Man”. It’s about a mad scientist that finds a way to make himself invisible, but the bad thing is the drugs he uses to accomplish this leads to him having a bad temper. All of this is put together pretty nicely with this pokie game. Let’s look at some of the basic information concerning it.

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Net Entertainment developed this game and did a good job with it

The first question we asked ourselves when it came to this slot is how are they going to inject the theme into it. The movie is pretty good so it’s hard to imagine them being able to pull this off successfully. Well Net Entertainment was able to take the original plot and turn it into a pretty daring game that has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 win each way lines. The theme becomes a backdrop as you get into serious play, but it does a good job of keeping you engaged.

The animation isn’t done in a cheesy or overwhelming way

Sure, when we play video slots we like to have animations that are going to be well suited to their theme/storyline they revolve around. What we don’t want is something we feel is going to be assaulting on the eyes. We want animations that are done well, but not overpowering to the point of being hard to look at for long periods of time. The Invisible Man slot game does a good job at this. The animations are done in great quality and we can say that they definitely add a unique element to the game.

The sounds are unique and will keep you deeply engrossed

Even though the theme of this video slot is good, we can say the sounds are even better. Some players don’t like to be bothered with sound when playing slots, but they might change their tune here. Players are going to hear some pretty unique sounds when playing The Invisible Man that help to keep it true to the movie. This is going to enhance the player experience and make it even more unique. This is what it did during our playing time.

Two fun bonus features that will help players accumulate more money

The bonus features for this video slot are easy to understand and this is one of the reasons why we played for so long. There are primarily two bonus features that players can trigger here. The first one is the Police Spins and the second one is the Griffins Rage bonus game.

The Griffins Rage bonus game players get to search three specific areas in the hopes of finding the invisible man. Players get prices as well as multipliers in this round.
When you’re in the Police Spins round the police are able to catch up to the invisible man. Players get 3 bonus spins along with 4 burning wilds randomly while in this round.

How does the Invisible Man compare to other video slots?

In order for us to give an honest opinion here we have to focus on the one thing we value the most as video slot players. We love a good game where we have a chance to win money. Winning money means extended play and lots of sustained entertainment. Some video slots out there don’t offer this, but the Invisible Man does. This is the main reason why we would put it in our first tier of options.


The Invisible Man is fun and captivating, period. When we first started playing it at first we thought we wouldn’t like the theme, because we aren’t into horror movies. But the theme quickly grew on us. The animations are done well, the sounds are incredible and the bonus rounds really are fun. All in all a great video slot.