Steam Tower Pokie

Steam-Tower-SlotAre you looking for a top notch video slot to play? If you are first you have to know what it is that makes for a top notch video slot. We can first start with the maker. If the game is made by the right maker then we can be sure they put a lot of time and energy into the development of the game.

So the game is going to be well designed and it’s going to be easy on the eyes. Next, the video slot would have to have a storyline or some kind of fun theme that would really pull in a player. Storyline/themes are very important.

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We’ve found that a lot of the slots we’ve played online seemed to be lacking when it came to the theme/storyline. We figured this was because the develop thought people wouldn’t care about such things, because all they want is fast paced action.

Think of video slots the same way you would a ride at a carnival. Sure, the ride might be fun but it’s the theme and story behind it that gives it it’s true power. This is what draws people to the ride in the first place. We feel the same way about video slots.

Well one option we’ve played that seems to fit both of these criteria pretty well would be Steam Tower. The game is designed by one of the most credible developer’s in the industry, Net Entertainment. We were immediately drawn in by the storyline and we liked the way the graphics complimented it. The storyline helps in specific ways for us:

It adds an element of adventure to the game that makes it more fun to play. Instead of feeling like you’re playing solely for the chance to win money, you feel like you’re playing in order to achieve the end goal of the storyline. This keeps your attention focused and it leads to you having more fun.

It helps you to be more invested. This means you might want to play for longer rather than wanting to try out another slot. Playing for longer means you’ll have a a higher chance to win something. Depending on how good the theme/storyline it can really have you hooked. Steam Tower falls into this category.

Steam Tower doesn’t disappoint on any level when it comes to how good the storyline is done. But now we want to focus on some other areas of this video slot just to give readers an idea of what to expect.

Steam Tower has 5 reels and 15 pay-lines. This is about average for a video slot game.

You don’t have to have much money in order to play. You can play for a minimum of 15p and as high as £150 a spin.

Steam Tower has a steampunk theme to it. It’s based on a 19th century Victorian era with strong influences from the industrial design. The purpose of the game is for you to save the princess from the dragon.

Steam Tower has various wilds along with a very good free spins feature. With the free spins feature the multiplier can go up to 7x. Just in case you’re wondering how it works, it goes up when you climb different floors of the steam tower in order to rescue the princes from the dragon.

How does Steam Tower stack up against other video slots?

We’re going to focus on two things here. The storyline and the way in which you can win. We feel like the storyline is the strong suit of Steam Tower. When you compare it to other video slots out there its easy to see how one can get absorbed in this one over others. As far as wins go, the bulk of wins we were able to get came when we got a free spin feature.

While you’re in the free spin feature you’re able to win quite a lot. You have a chance to win up to 2,000 times your stake. In order to do this though you’ll need stacked wilds on each reel.


Is Steam Tower a video slot we would play again? Well we had so much fun with the storyline that we couldn’t see how we couldn’t play again. This game is just flat out fun and getting payouts for decent sizes is fairly common. Net Entertainment did a good job with this one, but we do feel like they have some better slots though. This is a medium variance slot, but we do find it has a good balance.