Gems Gems Gems Pokie

gems-gems-gems-slot-gsAre you the type of video pokie machine player that believes all of them are the same? Why do you think you feel this way? Casinos whether they be offline or online really work hard to create video pokies they know are going to draw in customers. Slots of different types are the biggest money maker for casinos, and its in their best interest to keep things fresh. How do they go about doing this? Well first they try to gain a deep understanding of their customer base. Next they try to figure out what type of themes they have to present in order to draw them in.

How often have you played a certain video pokie online simply because you liked the theme? I’m guilty of this, because when a slot is themed the right way it pulls me in. There are all sorts of themes from ones centered around movies, television shows and even celebrities. However, when I decide to get serious I don’t really tend to focus on themes anymore. What I focus on instead is a video slot I know is going to provide high entertainment value and give me lots of opportunities to win.

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Gems Gems Gems is a video pokie I liked because of what I’ve heard about it on gambling forums as well as my own personal experiences. At first I was resistant to play it because I had a hard time making sense of it. Whenever I can’t make quick sense of a pokie I prefer not to play it,but I gave Gems Gems Gems a try anyway. The first thing I liked about it was how well done it was. The graphics are very playful and they really capture your attention. The second thing I liked was how many pay-lines there were.

In order for me to really like a video slot I have to be able to get a lot out of it. I might accept the idea that I’m going to lose money in the long run, but if this is going to be the case then I want to be sure I’m going to be properly entertained in the process. Gems Gems Gems didn’t let me down and it kept me hooked for hours on end. Lets take a look at some basic information concerning this video slot game.

  • Gems Gems Gems is powered by WMS, which is very well known. It makes use of Super Multi-Pay Feature.
  • There are plenty of wild symbols and scatter symbols and they replicate themselves from the main reel set to others as well.
  • Gems Gems Gems has a free spins feature, which is going to allow a player to get up to 20 free spins. This comes with the chance of a 12x multiplier.
  • Gems Gems Gems comes with a 5 reel main set along with 3 extra 5 reels sets located on the right. This means 80 pay-lines, but played with 40 coins (I coin for each 2 pay-lines).

You can play this video slot with as little as 40p and as much as £80 a spin. The jackpot is £292 per line.

The main thing that makes Gems Gems Gems so good is the free spins feature. If you’re able to get 3 or more Diamond symbols within any of the reel sets, then you’ll set it off.

How does Gems Gems Gems compare to other video slots out there?

Gems Gems Gems jewel theme really makes it stand out from some other video slots, but we don’t feel its anything really special. The heart of this game is the free spins feature that really increase a players chance to win. I’ve played several slots online and this one would probably fall into the second tier as far as entertainment value is concerned. What this means is that I couldn’t see myself playing it for too long.


I feel so so about Gems Gems Gems. It seems to be a reasonably fun slot, but I feel the theme would get old pretty fast for serious players. It does the job for those who aren’t used to playing these though.