Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune Pokie Review

Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune Pokie Players from all over the world will get their inner child as happy as it gets with Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune pokie. Based on the generic elements of happy fun fairs all over the world, your cotton candy heart will make you smile and have fun while getting money from your bets at the same time.

Since the theme is basically a Coney Island wink, you will find yourself playing from the top of a very alive fair featuring roller coasters, bright lights and hot air balloons flying all over it.

Of course, the symbols featured on the game answer to this themed concept: balloons shaped as letters and numbers, extravagant attraction seats featuring a swan and a rocket, and other elements such as a roller coaster wagon filled with people and a handful of fair tickets.

The bonus features also include elements as the Claw and, as we will review further, the mini games are nothing more than classic fun fair games.


We have all heard about NetEnt and its restless thrive for seamless gaming experiences. Their video pokies are released monthly, and quantity does not compete with quality, for sure. This provider is one of our favorites because they have proven to be as innovative and user-friendly as we all want our developers to be.

Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune is a typical NetEnt game, in which they put a lot of attention and effort to details in order to immerse users on the selected theme. In this case, you can almost smell popcorn machines and feel the wind on your face like you did when you visited fun fairs back in the old days!

How to Play the Pokie

Once you get Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune running, you will see that this is a 5-reel, 3-line pokie. The menu at the bottom of the pokie provides different game elements for the user to customize their gaming, with a big spinning button right at the center of it.

Other elements found on the menu are a Max Bet button, which gives user the chance to bet the maximum amount to get the maximum payout from their spins, an Autoplay button, which makes the reels spin automatically while making some changes on the wager, and other unique features like level difficulty and coin value.

The bet is fixed at 25 but coin value oscillates from 0,1 to 1, making it very simple for those conservative users to become familiar with the game before striving for big cashouts.

Each symbol has a fixed payout value, depending on the number of times it appears on the reels. This value goes from 2 to 400 and the specifications about this particular issue are found on the info button located at the bottom left corner.

Try Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune Free:

Play at Vegas Paradise CasinoSpecial Features

The game features various unique features, providing users with a multi-layered gameplay that goes way beyond the 5×3 configuration appearing at the beginning.

One of the first special features to appear between spins is the stacked Wild symbol, represented by a group of people apparently riding a very fun roller coaster. This symbols substitute for any letter, rocket or bumper car, and appears only on reels 2, 3 and 4.

The Claw is a very innovative feature that we had never seen before on any game. It consists on a Claw grabbing a stuffed animal prize from underneath the reels, each of them having an assigned coin value that gets awarded to the total coins of the bettor.

And, of course, Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune features multiple mini games and dynamics that rise winning possibilities.

Our two favorites are the two wheel of fortune-like dynamics, called Theme Park Ticket Game and Theme Park Bonus Wheel. These appear once you’ve hit when getting a Scatter symbol on reels 3, 4 and 5 and when getting a Bonus one at the fifth reel, respectively.

The former gives the player rewards in the shape of tickets that he or she can used throughout bonus games. The latter is a little more down to the coin rewards, since it features five mini-games appearing on the will, one of which you will be directed to depending on what you get when spinning it.

These mini-games are, of course, based on popular games appearing on fun fairs, such as Fishing, Punch Bag, Ski Ball, Can Tower and Sledge Hammer. Each of these games has an intuitive dynamic and provides the player with different coin rewards that gets added to the total coin amount.

Maximum Payouts

Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune features a Max Bet button, making it very easy for players to test their odds and get juicy rewards.

The payouts on the regular dynamic vary according to the payline that was hit, the difficulty level (being level 10 the one offering highest rewards, usually) and the value assigned to coins. When these settings are set up to their maximum, rewards can get a four digit figure in no time.


Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune is a fun and attractive game that stands out from the rest of pokies available throughout the realm of online casinos.

With multiple layers of gaming, the possibility to adjust all kinds of values according to your needs and preferences, and the promise of providing new, exciting games with each spin of the reels, we consider it a must for all pokie lovers out there.

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