Play Pokies for free and win for real

The most savvy of online pokie player knows that it is possible to play pokies for free and have a chance of winning real money, and if you thought that was impossible then we have a few ways listed below which will indeed let you play pokies for free and still have an opportunity of walking away with some dollars in your pocket!

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Slot Tournaments

Whilst you may be aware that many online casinos have slot tournaments running, these are basically competitions where you have a limited amount of time to try and win as much as you can in the hope your score on the tournament pokie machine will be high enough to award you a cash prize. The majority of these tournaments require a small entry fee to allow you to take part.

But many Microgaming casinos in particular offer free roll pokie tournaments, some are network wide meaning the tournament is offered at all Microgaming powered casinos, these are completely free to enter, however they tend to offer small cash prizes, and being network wide means you are playing against thousands of fellow players, so your chances of actually winning anything is tiny.

However many stand alone, and Group owned Microgaming powered casinos have unique to them free roll tournaments and these offer much bigger prize pools and with smaller number of entrants your free entry stands you a much better chance of you finishing the tournament in a prize paying position, so try and seek some of these casinos down there are plenty of them to choose from!

Sign Up Bonuses

An online casino is only going to be financially viable if it has a steady stream of players going through their cyber doors, and they want as many players as possible and as such there are lots of sign up bonuses that will offer you the chance of playing pokies for free and winning real cash, below are some of these ways.

The most popular type of sign up bonus is a no deposit required bonus, this is exactly how it sounds, with the casino crediting your casino account with a modest amount once you sign up as a real player. There are of course pros and cons of taking such bonuses, and many of them will require you to play through this bonus amount a certain amount of times before you can withdraw any winnings, whilst some also limit the amount you can win from such no deposit bonuses, never the less free money is free money after all so it may be worth taking up some of these kinds of offers!

Another more common type of bonus is known as a one hours free play bonus, here the casino will allocate you a large, no deposit required bonus and you will then have to play a certain amount of pokie spins (usually around 100), on a selection of games offered, in the hope of finishing with a bigger balance than you started with.

In these types of sign up bonuses they will let you keep a certain amount of any profit made, however in the majority of cases you will need to make a nominal deposit to be awarded this profit, and then it will need to be played through a certain amount of times before you can withdraw it, so technically it is not free money after all, however these kinds of bonuses do appear popular with many players.

Retention Bonuses

If you have signed up to play at an online casino and maybe have made just one or two deposits, but haven’t played there for a long time, some will drop you an e-mail after a few weeks or months offering you some free spins on one of their pokie games, so make sure you look out for any e-mails of a casino you haven’t played at in a long time as this is another great way to play pokies for free and win some free cash.

Some casinos will repeatedly send you free spins offers even if you haven’t ever played at their casino but have signed up, so savvy players often sign up to as many casinos as possible to get these regular no risk offers sent to them!

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