Best Bonus Games on Pokies

The main attraction of many pokie games are their unique bonus feature rounds, whilst many of them simply offer the standard ones such a set amount of free spins on a certain multiplier or a simple picking style round, several offer additional features or enhanced free spins and/or picking rounds.

Below we have selected the best bonus games available on a range of online pokie machines and you will find a description on just what those unique bonus games can and do offer once you have triggered them, have a good read through this listing as we are confident some of them may be of interest to you!

Best Free Spins Pokies

Gladiator Pokie – When you finally trigger a free spins bonus game on any pokie machine you will be hoping for as many winning spins during this round as possible, well the Gladiator slot will award you with a massive 100 free spins once it triggers and with 50 pay lines playable those winning spins cannot help but keep on spinning in!

Sneak a Peek Pokies – There are three Sneak a Peek pokies in the series, however the Doctor Doctor and Hunky Heroes ones have a unique and potentially large paying free spins game, once awarded you pick one of the scatter symbols to be awarded a certain number of free spins and a multiplier on which they will play out, however you can spin in additional symbols during the free spins round which add extra multipliers and free spins to your total which can add to your winning potential!

Thunderstruck II – Now if you are the type of pokie player who sticks to playing one slot all the time, then take a look at the Thunderstruck II slot, as you play this game and trigger the free spins round more and more during one or more sessions, you will unlocked additional options which you can choose when you trigger the bonus game, there are several levels at which you can progress and these offer increased numbers of free spins, or bigger and better multipliers, or even more features, so this can be a good slot to concentrate on if you prefer to play just one pokie game.

Thunderstruck 2 Free Spins:

Thunderstruck 2 Pokie Spins

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Harveys – This can be a potentially massive paying slot once you trigger the free spins bonus game, to do that you need to spin in, anywhere in view on reels 2 and 4 both at the same time, a Champagne Bottle, and once triggered you will win up to 30 free spins, however the best part of this bonus game is the multipliers which are randomly awarded at the end of any winning free spin, and these can be as huge as a whopping x25 times the normal wins value!

Mardi Gras Fever – Whilst on the face of it the number of free spins you are awarded when you trigger the free spins bonus round on this pokie may seem small, you just win five of them, it is the massive x10 multiplier they all play out on which makes it a must play video slot as some huge winning payouts can be spun in when that free spins round finally is awarded!

Best Unique Pokie Bonus Games

Wheel of Fortune – Not many 3 reel slot games offer you the chance of winning and triggering a bonus game however the Wheel of Fortune slot does, and when you play maximum coins and the Spin symbols appear on the third reel you can then spin that Wheel of Fortune to win up to 1000 coins instantly!

Bars and Stripes – Picking games are not usually that exciting but one that can often produce some huge payouts during the picking game is on the Bars and Stripes slot, here you simply need to spin in three of the Hat symbols anywhere in view and then click on one of them, you will win an instant payout which can be as high as 47,500 coins!

The Great Galaxy Grab – This is a must play bonus video slot if you like a wide range of different bonus features once you trigger the Space Chase Feature you will be working your way along a trail which can award up to six unique additional bonus games all of which have some potentially large possible payouts attached to them, and to top if off a Happy Ending Bonus can increase any win won on the six bonus rounds!

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