Lost Vegas Pokie Review

Lost Vegas Pokie ReviewMicrogaming introduces their most recent video pokie titled Lost Vegas, featuring a zombie apocalypse concept staged on the empty hallways of Vegas casinos. This zombie theme is very popular and well received by gamblers, and it is apparently permeating all entertainment formats.

From serious TV dramas like The Walking Dead, to funny productions like Zombieland, it looks like audiences all over the world will never get tired of seeing survivors fight against the undead. The zombie theme has now become a crucial element of today’s pop culture, and Microgaming knows it.

Lost Vegas features a couple of winks to real life characters, such as an obese Elvis Presley impersonator as the leader of the zombie squad.

Whether you enjoy the zombie genre or not, you will find multiple reasons to love the Lost Vegas pokie. There are multiple special features and the gameplay is so rich that it is almost impossible to resist it.


Microgaming is a leading casino software provider, developing software for the online gambling community since their inception in 1994. They state to be the first developing company to establish and online casino, and today the offer more than 600 iGambling products for all types of audiences.

How to play the pokie

Lost Vegas is probably Microgaming’s most complex pokie to the date. But don’t worry, the game is designed in a very intuitive way, and it does not take much time or effort to understand how it works.

First of all, you are faced with the option to choose a side. You can decide to take part on the Survivor squad or the Zombie squad. Each one of these sides holds a unique special feature, as it is stated right below its name. Once you’ve chosen your team, you are presented with the reel grid itself.

Lost Vegas is set on a 5×3 configuration, and it features 243 ways to win. The spin button is located at the rightmost side of the bottom menu, with various other control features included. From left to right, you can see your total credit, the size of your bet with adjustable buttons, the featured win on the current spin, and an Auto Play feature.

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Special features                                                                 

As you might have figured out by now, this pokie has a lot of special features to take advantage from, and these special features depend on the side you’ve chosen to play on.

On the zombie side, for example, there is one randomly appearing feature called the Zombie Fist of Cash. It does not hold a particular trigger and it consist on a zombie handful of dollar bills popping from beneath the pokie, grating you with a random coin reward.

On the survivor team there is also a very cool feature called Blackout, consisting on all lights going out and the visuals changing to what looks like a night vision goggle perspective. During the Blackout feature, you get to redeem hidden prizes in hard cash.

Of course, these features are just the tip of the iceberg. Lost Vegas also includes the most common special features, such as a Wild symbol substituting for any other symbol (and appearing in a Stacked Wild fashion) and a Scatter symbol represented by a biohazard sign, granting you with further free spins.

If you’re worried about picking sides and not being able to enjoy the special features of the opposite team, Lost Vegas allows you to change teams at any moment by clicking on the respective button located at the top right corner.

Maximum payouts

As you can see, the game dynamic is not only multi layered but very rich and complex. The game was designed in a profit friendly game, and it is almost impossible to walk out without a considerable win awarded to your total.

The jackpot provided by Microgaming for this pokie is 1000x your stake. It is not very impressive, and you might think that Lost Vegas does not have a lot to offer, but think again. The jackpot is very hard to obtain, but smaller wins are far more consistent and it is easier to fatten your pockets with them.


Lost Vegas is, by far, the best Microgaming release of this year. This pokie features an appealing and very trendy concept, but it also provides us with an interesting multi-layered gameplay with multiple special features to increase total wins.

We highly recommend you to try out the Lost Vegas pokie at your favorite online casino. The experience offered by this pokie is very immersive, and the overall ambiance is very similar to the one found on video games, with the additional bonus of having big cashouts available at the tip of your fingers!

Compatibility is not an issue, since Lost Vegas was built upon a HTML5 architecture, allowing mobile devices to seamlessly provide gamblers with all the features designed for the pokie.

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