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screenshot_gobananas_symbolsThe world of video slot machines can be a lot of fun. There are very few other games in a casino that offer up the entertainment value of slots. And what makes them even more fun is you don’t really have to have a lot of money in order to play them. Are other casino games fun? Sure they are. The problem is some of them require a lot of strategy in order to win at them. With video slot machines this is the case. When we’re trying to find a good video slot to play we don’t want something that’s going to require too much thought.

Now at first this might sound like a bad thing right? You might think that we’re saying we want something that’s setup for less intelligent people. This isn’t what we’re saying at all though. We like video slots that aren’t going to require us to have to think too much.

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Video slots are like brain therapy to us. You can think of it as a mental message. Playing the right game gives up the chance to just sit back and unload all of the crap that’s been on our minds all day. We can simple forget about our worries and just enjoy the game.

The problem we’ve ran across with some video slots online though is they try to get you to think. When this happens it takes a little bit from the brain therapy we’re trying to get.

Certain video slots are very complex, the graphics are overpowering, the storyline is hard to follow, its hard to understand how to win or to even know once you’ve won, bonus rounds are complex to understand as well. All of this comes together to create confusion and an experience that’s anything but brain therapy or a mental message.

Luckily for us Go Bananas doesn’t fall into any of the categories we just mentioned. Go Bananas is a video slot that’s very simple to play. When we played it we didn’t have a hard time at all when it came to following along with it, the symbols were easy to understand, and we picked up on the rules fast.

Simplicity was the name of the game here and we liked it. Net Entertainment did a good job at making sure they didn’t go overboard with complexity here. Now let’s take a look at some of the key points concerning Go Bananas.

The graphics are done very well and so is the animations. Net Entertainment really put in the time to make sure everything was crisp and clear. The game is set inside of a tree house that’s located in the heart of a jungle.

You’ll be able to play for a very small sum of money to start and the maximum is pretty high. The minimum bet amount is 20p and the maximum amount is £200 a spin.

Go Bananas has 5 different wild money symbols. This means there’s going to be plenty of chances for you to win money.
Go Bananas has 5 reels and 20 pay-lines. The pay-line number is slightly higher than average, but this isn’t a bad thing.

The different wild symbols are the Wild Gorilla, Wild Orangutan, Wild Baboon, Wild Langur and the Wild Tarsier.

When you get any one of these symbols on the reels they’ll convert adjacent symbols into wilds as well. This is going to give you even larger payouts.

There’s no free spin feature with this video slot, but you can still win decent sums of money. The largest potential win you can get is 700 times your initial stake.

What makes go Bananas different from other video slots out there?

Go Bananas has a very simple theme that doesn’t require you to think too much. The game is very fast paced and the learning curve is very short. The symbols are easy to understand, payout structure is easy to understand and you can just sit back and play. Other video slots can be confusing and even intimidating based on the type of player you are.


Go Bananas is a lot of fun for the type of player that likes simple fun. Players who do put a lot of value into complexity though will not like this video slot. We liked it though, but if we’re being honest there are other options by Net Entertainment that are a bit more enjoyable though.

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